About Me

My name is Francis and I'm addicted to graphic design... Ever since attending Harrow College of Art, where I realised I was never going to be a good enough artist to become an illustrator, I have been in love with typography, photography and layout.

Back in the mists of time I worked as a designer in the print industry, so I have a firm grounding in producing work for print. Then Apple invented an affordable desktop computer and the entire industry changed. And I changed with it.

Graduating to digital design for both print and web I know my pixels from my picas and my rgb from my cmyk. I am professional and meticulous with an eye for detail. I am also designer and partner at Allsorts Design, based in Beckenham, South-east London.

Outside of graphic design I like loud music, science fiction, horror, football, motor racing, video games, relaxing on my comfy settee and I'm an action figure geek. But don't let that put you off as I love small, fluffy kittens and I'm kind to old people too!

Contact: t: 07718 276318 // e: francis@blackcrowcreative.co.uk