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Aldous & Stamp are a water treatment consultants based in Beckenham, south-east London. They have been operating since 1968, which gives them a great deal of experience in their particular fields of expertise. Unfortunately their website looked rather amateur which did not reflect their professionalism, so they approached me to build them a modern, new website.

The new website has been in operation for a while but we have recently made some changes including adding a 'landing page' as the first thing visitors will see (shown above). When the 'click here' call to action is activated the main home page appears (shown below).

Aldous & Stamp

The text size has been altered and the columns of copy are now fluid and responsive to make viewing on tablet and mobile screens easier. The website is relatively small, being only four pages, a blog and their on-line shop but the design is very striking and ensures that Aldous & Stamp stand out from the crowd. This enables them to compete with companies far larger than they are.

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