Eton Rivals
Eton Rivals

Eton Rivals are a covers band playing a variety of Mod, Ska, Punk and New Wave. The band is made up of Alan Thompson on vocals, Sean Cunningham on guitar, Andy Rotherham on bass and Greig Marshall on drums. They play around the Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire areas and have quite a following.

I was asked to help create a logo and some promotional material for them. After coming up with a few ideas, which were rejected, one of the band mentioned they quite liked the idea of a street sign and the Eton Rivals logo was born. Starting with an old photograph of a street sign agains a brick wall the old letters were removed and the new ones added, in the correct London street sign typeface. The sign was 'dirtied up' to give it an authentic 'been in the street since 1977' look.

From this I have created a 6' x 4' banner, a bass drum skin and a poster to advertise gigs as well as, more recently, creating artwork for button badges, stickers and a bass plectrum for Andy.

Eton Rivals Logo
Eton Rivals Drum Skin
Eton Rivals Banner
Eton Rivals Badges and Stickers
Eton Rivals Plectrum
Eton Rivals Poster

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