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Carmel O'Reilly came to me when she was setting up her new company, Evolving Careers Players. Evolving Careers Players is a company who use Role-Play Corporate Drama and Community Forum Theatre supporting learning and development through the principles of performing arts and immersive theatre. Carmel and her colleagues design and develop bespoke creative programmes tailored to their clients needs. The techniques, structures and methods of theatre are at the core of their work and they seek to draw out their significance in the always evolving world of career learning and development.

Being a thespian, Carmel wanted a website to reflect both this and the company's raison d'ĂȘtre. After discussions during which Carmel said she wanted a professional website that had a strong, bold image we decided to approach the website design using a black and white theme and images that reflect the theatrical nature of the company. The only page which has any colour, apart from the logo, is the contact page, where the pierrot character's lips and cheeks have been made red.

The text has been kept to a minimum and each page of the website has its own carefully chosen image as its theme, giving each page its own character whilst providing a strong, unified theme. There is a landing page with a call to action before the viewer reaches the main home page, a proven method of ensuring people enter and read a website. Since the website went live I have helped Carmel set up her YouTube channel so that she can upload videos she has made to publicise Evolving Careers Player's services.

Carmel was delighted with the finished website which gives her company a sharp, robust presence on the internet with which to promote her company.

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