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I have been busy creating an interactive html email newsletter for Carmel at Evolving Careers Players. This started out life as a simple pdf file (see blog posting 11th March) which turned out to be too unwieldy to email properly and connecting to links was problematic.

Evolving Careers Players In The Spotlight

Enter Inkbrush, a superb program that allows the construction of a html email newsletter through a combination of Photoshop files, text and html. This is something Carmel is hoping, with our help, to make a monthly mailing. below is a representation of how the email looks. Clicking on the links takes the viewer through to pages on the Evolving Careers Players website which contain each story.

Sign-up for the newsletter is via the Evolving Careers Players website and through Mailchimp a conformation email is automatically sent out when a client signs up. The email newsletter itself has options to view in a web browser and to unsubscribe.

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