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The Rae Voller website has undergone big changes since the turn of the year. The website started as a way of promoting Rae's Birth Hypnosis services but has now expanded into three different sections; Birth Hypnosis, Weight Loss Hypnosis and Rae Walks A Wall. The three sections follow the design of the original birth hypnosis pages. All the sections are responsive and all use a paralax scrolling effect. In each section navigation is by the circles at the top right of the screen, or the user can simply scroll down.

Visitors now see a landing screen with access to the three different sections. The iceberg image was chosen to represent both the concious and subconcious mind:

The Rae Voller Website

The Birth Hypnosis section is as it was before, advertsing services to pregnant mothers and also to midwives who wish to become birth hypnosis practitioners:

Birth Hypnosis by Rae Voller

Rae also specialises in weight loss hypnosis and is qualified in nutritional awareness. This service helps clients reach a natural state of relaxation allowing them to focus attention and achieve their weight loss goals:

Weigh Loss Hypnosis by Rae Voller

The third section of the website is to publicise Rae's charity walk along the Great Wall of China later this year. Rae is undertaking this in order to raise money for the Ickle Pickle charity who help provide essential equipment to hospitals to save the lives of new born babies. Being a midwife this is a cause close to Rae's heart. The website contains details about the charity, some facts about the Great Wall itself and links to her Just Giving page so that peope can donate:

Rae Walks A Wall

Due to the complex nature of the coding involved with paralax scrolling these pages are problematic on mobiles so each section also has it's own dedicated mobile pages which are simpler in structure and designed specifically for mobile devices.

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