Star Wars Art by Tysen Johnson

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As a Star Wars fan you can never have too much related art to look at, especially when it is as good as the paintings done by Tysen Johnson. Although the initial burst of excitement has dissipated we have the Blu-ray and DVD release to look forward to on 18th April as well as a plethora of books and toys to collect (geek alert!).

Tysen, an Omaha-based illustrator and graphic designer, has created pieces that focus on some of the many vehicles in the movies. Tysen’s process often starts with building basic shapes in 3D-softwares and then bringing everything into Photoshop where he then paints over the 3D-render. What I love about these is not just the accuracy of the vehicles but the fact they look so 'used'. He doesn't skimp on background detail either, making sure the setting for his paintings is just as important as the vehicles.

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