The Web UK Website

Yesterday saw the launch of the new Web UK website. The Web UK is the worldwide information service and fan club for Marillion.

Web UK Website

"After sitting gathering virtual dust for the best part of four years, the Web UK website is making a return… and it has been given a new coat of paint to drag it kicking and screaming into 2016!

There are two new sections to the website that will hopefully be of interest… Lost Articles and the Archive. Sometimes we have articles that, for one reason or another don't fit in the magazine - Lost Articles is now a home for these. Looking at the old website there were a lot of interesting articles and reviews stretching back to 2002. We are sure most people, including the authors, have forgotten about these old articles. They have been given a home and are now to be found in the Archive section and we will be adding to the items currently there now that the new website is live.

We hope you enjoy browsing at"

I really enjoyed putting this site together for one of my favourite bands and a big thank you goes to Alan Jones for allowing the use of his wonderful photos.

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